Concept | HiNDU NiGHTS



HiNDU NiGHTS was an instant success from the start in 2008. This party ended the monopoly of r&b, house, electro and techno parties that ruled the Belgian nightlife and resolutely went for rock and roll on the dancefloor. 

It all started in the legendary Make Up Club in Ghent, when Peter and Pieter got back from a 2 year trip to London and brought back a bag full of ideas. The basic idea of HiNDU NiGHTS was quite simple though: put on the best rock 'n roll tunes from the Sixties up till today, preferably in a very nice setting, and you'll have a good night out! 

Having sold out every single edition in Make Up Club, the rock ‘n roll circus found its permanent haven at Vooruit Ghent where the concept was lifted to new heights in the beautiful, exclusive and legendary concert hall. But also one off editions in Depot Leuven and Trix Antwerp sold out every single time. 

Resident DJs Hindu Radio was consequently asked to take care of the music in between and after the shows of Peter Doherty, Manic Street Preachers, The Sex Pistols, Babyshambles, The Van Jets, Paul Weller and The New York Dolls. They also performed at legendary British venues such as Koko.   

All in all, HiNDU NiGHTS is a celebration of life. 

Life, as in, lovely girls in skinny jeans, rock’ roll, football, sex, love and friendship.


Übercool and always hopelessly sold out” (Studio Brussels)

Just like to say that the night was really enjoyable, there was a fantastic vibe in the venue which I’ve not experienced since the days of the Hacienda in Manchester!” (Michael Spencer Jones)

"It felt like Ibiza in 1996 all over again." (Mark Kerry, Cherry Cola)

Hindu nights always ‘goes off’ it’s one of the highlights of my busy Djing life. What other night ends in a shambolic rampage of booze, music, girls and energy oozing from the decks?” (Adam Ficek – Babyshambles)

A mad rock ‘n roll carnival” (Paul Gallagher)

Better than any rock ‘n roll party in the UK” (Phil Smith/Oasis Tour DJ)

By far the best rock ‘n roll party in the country” (

A mad crowd and one one of the best parties where I’ve DJed” (Eppo Janssen/Pukkelpop)