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Six years of mayhem!

Six years of mayhem! - Sat 14-09-13, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

General Info



To celebrate their 6th anniversary, Hindu Nights is working on a very special line up.  Great names as Phil Smith, the Oasis and Noel Gallager’s tour dj,  and the Merrylees from the UK Live are already confirmed  but keep checking the Facebook page as they may have some tricks up their sleeves!

Tickets however, are already being sold. And to avoid disappointment and stress, it’s better to get them sooner rather than late because this might just be the 15th consecutive sold out Hindu Nights at Vooruit!


★★ ROCK ’N ROLL ★★

It’s a term used and abused by fashion designers, hipsters and so called artists but we don’t mess about with it. It’s what you get. Do you like that new Monkeys tune. Well, we love it! Do you like nearly every Beatles tune? Well, we’ll play them!  And we don’t care how you dress or where you’re from, we don’t! As long as you don’t act like a dick and you prefer Jack Daniels above Jameson and Everton above Liverpool, we’re ok.



As for the girls, we do care … what you wear and how you dance. But if you just slightly remind us of Jean Shrimpton or Twiggy back in the Swinging Sixties, there will be no problems and you might just get free drinks all nite.



You might have heard about Polak’s Finest Beef Shop. Polak is a talented and clever tattoo artist in Ghent who seems to be branding a whole generation of youngsters in our city with his black ink and sharp needles. We’re not a 100% sure yet how he’s going to be involved in this night, but he will, in one way or another.


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent